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April 24, 2013

Fish update: haddock

Our Haddock is now coming from the following boat:

F/Tr Andenesfisk I (Norwegian Fleet) from the North East Atlantic (FAO 27); F/Tr Andenesfisk I

April 02, 2013

Fish mislabelling

In the wake of the recent horse meat scandal, there has been a report on the BBC which claims that:

"Research reveals that 7% of cod and haddock - the deep-fried staples of British fish and chips - actually turn out to be cheaper fish substituted to cut costs"

(or watch this video).

This is certainly not the case at Fryz. We are confident we can trace all our fish back to the trawler that it was caught on as all our fish packaging is fully labelled. We update our fish policy page and our blackboard in the shop whenever the trawler changes.

Furthermore, we leave the skin on our fish. We do this because we feel it provides a superior quality product but also because the fish can be more readily identified. Beneath the batter you will find the characteristic white and black lines of the cod and haddock, respectively. If you ask, we are happy to show you our fish before it is fried.

Cod: Cod

Haddock: Haddock


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