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November 30, 2011

Self-imposed diversity target

Astute customers may have noticed something on the counter at Fryz which has been updated each month since August. This summer we set ourselves a simple self-imposed diversity target for 2011 - to spread the fish we sell more evenly over the species we offer. We wanted to see if our customers were able to respond to call to "try something different next time you have fish and chips".

As Cod is the most popular species that we sell, we set ourselves a target that Cod should be 65% of all fish products we sell by the end of 2011. Our progress is as follows:

  • August: 73% of all fish sold was Cod;
  • September: 69% of all fish sold was Cod;
  • October: 68% of all fish sold was Cod.
Fryz sustainability target

As you can see, customers have responded really well and have reduced the statistic by 5 percentage points. Well done and keep up the good work! The November result will be up in the shop very soon, and stay tuned to see if we hit our 2011 target.


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