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5 stars in Friers Quality Award

Fryz has reconfirmed its place among the fish frying elite from across the UK by scooping 5 stars in the prestigious Fish Friers Quality Award.

Seafish Fish Friers Quality Award

Seafish set up the Fish Friers Quality Award scheme in 1996 as a way of raising standard within the fish & chip trade and enhancing the profile of the industry. The recent innovation in the scheme is that shops are now ranked with stars. Five stars is highest accolade obtainable and we are honoured to have received the top rank.

The scheme is also a way of rewarding and promoting shops that provide a good quality product and high standards of hygiene, as well as friers who show a high level of competence.

To qualify, each shop has to go through a thorough gruelling inspection by a Seafish Approved Inspector who assesses the shop’s image, design and condition, staff training, equipment, frying and sales skills, and most importantly, the quality of the cooked product.

Fryz is proud to be the only fish & chip shop in Peterborough to currently hold the Seafish Fish Friers Quality Award.

Seafish Quality and Trade Executive Jim Hyam said: “Displaying the Seafish Friers Quality Award shows customers that the shop is one of the best frying businesses in the country and not only that, our research proves that by giving quality, businesses can guarantee that customers will keep on coming back.”

Each Seafish Quality Award lasts for one year and retention is dependent on standard being maintained as validated by a Seafish appointed assessor.


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