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August 31, 2009

Shake it like a...5-hole salt shaker?

Traditionally, Fish & Chip shops use a 17-hole flour shaker to dispense salt. However, there is a steady trickle of 5-hole salt shaker related stories in the press since Drywite's 5-hole salt shaker was debuted, on the back of Gateshead Council's 2005 salt shaker study. Since then, we know of the following councils who have become enthusiastic about this issue: Ballymoney (NI), Tamside, Rochdale, Middlesbrough and at least 2 others.

17 and 5 hold salt shakers

Now, the sentiment of the proposal – to reduce salt consumption – is welcomed, but one can not help to share the cynicism of the schemes critics. In our opinion, less holes just means more time to get the same amount of salt. At Fryz, our solution has always been to train staff to give a small amount of salt so that customers can request more if they require. No 5-hole shaker required!


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