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March 31, 2008

It never rains but it pours

Historically, fish and potatoes were cheap. Therefore, Fish & Chips could be prepared and sold cheaply. Due to the longevity of Fish & Chips – our only takeaway food for decades – we all have childhood memories of it being a low priced meal. However, we also used to pay 1/9d for a seat in the cinema (try offering that, scaled by inflation, at the Odeon today!). The Fish & Chip trade must shake the perception of being "cheap and cheerful".

Over the past few months we have experienced rises in cost prices for the majority of our basic products. The fish has increased slightly but we have seen increases in the price of palm oil (partly due to increased demand from the biofuel market), batter (due to both poor weather and transport costs), packaging prices (due to transport costs), and wage costs (due to increases in the minimum wage and new holiday legislation). This has meant an increase in costs for all the processes – from raw material to finished product. We also endeavour to keep the cod we use sustainable and of the highest quality.

No other takeaway food is – when properly prepared – healthy, freshly cooked, made from fresh ingredients, nutritionally balanced and contains less than 7% fat (if served with a portion of peas).

We at Fryz we strive to offer the best value possible, especially when compared to other takeaway foods. However, rising costs due to the current economic climate and other factors outside of our control has meant rising cost to the customer. To survive, we must charge the proper price for our products.


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